A Fight For What is Right Behind Enemy Lines: Brutal beating of prisoners as warden looks on

November 13th, 2015

Today a 11:15am a sadistic pig by the name of SGT Davis entered my dormitory (F-4) with the intentions to harass the prisoners in the dorm. Me and my comrade (Jordan Pack) had visited our mental health counselors warning them about this administration and its officers targeting F-building and certain inmates in the building. I had just informed my mental health counselor of the vision I had where they were going to jump on me which is also enclosed in my mental health record. As I was returning to F-4 dormitory Officer SGT Davis approached me and stated that he was going to shake me down before I went in: Even though this pat down is frequent when SGT Davis and I encounter each other, most of the time it is done without probable cause.

As I entered the dorm SGT Davis taunted my peers while walking by their rooms in a predatorial manner. The time frame now is 11:30am. The next ten minutes SGT Davis periodically walks through the dorm stating, “Today is the day y’all are going on lock down,” before he exits out f-4s back door. Not even a minute later he return back in the dorm with my cellmate Jordan Pack commanding the dorm to lock down. Mr. Pack then stated that he was doing this without reasonable cause. SGT Davis then stated, “Y’all are too loud!” and proceeded to call back up. After two minutes went by, Officer Wright (female CO) entered through the security door and asked SGT Davis if he was locking F-4 down. He replied, “yes”. At that time a mass of officers entered the F-4 dormitory including the rest of the cert team. They then start shouting, “lock down!” while Lt Shoemaker was asking Jordan Pack what is going on? As I made my way toward Mr. Pack and Lt. Shoemaker, SGT Davis bucked at Mr. Pack and then grabbed at his arm. Mr. Pack then snatched away from him as Lt. Shoemaker grabbed SGT Davis, commanding him to calm down. By then there were at least fifteen officers on the floor and surrounding us. As Pack and I start to walk toward our room SGT Davis pulled his mace out and sprayed past Lt. Shoemaker in an attempt to hit Pack with it.

From that point, Pack and I were separated in two large crowds. I was then punched by an unknown officer so in defense, I swung back in the crowd which commenced a brawl between SGT Davis, CO II William-Cooper and CO II Officer Murphey and I. SGT Davis began to kick me as his fellow co-workers punched me on the F-4 booth rail. Pack was barged out of the security door into the f-building stairway. After being hit in the back and leg with a nightstick, I fell flat on the top of the stairway. By now there were at least seven officers kicking and punching me while I laid on the ground. Cert officer Clavere Williams CO I repeatedly shoved the night stick into me as another officer drug me down the first flight of stairs. As I rolled to the bottom of the stairs the officers continued to brutally beat me and stomping my head on the concrete while CO II William Cooper had her knee on my neck commanding me to stop resisting! I yelled, “I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe!” Another crowd of officers then came running down the stairs with another inmate named Eugene Leslie. Beating him also while he was handcuffed. They stepped on my ankle and legs purposely.

The beating lasted for another thirty seconds before Lt. Alexis Williams began screaming “Go get the camera, Oh my GOD STOP beating him- Go get the camera!” Finally Cert Officer CO I Ms. Monk and SGT Selgato put me in both leg and wrist restraints and walked me to medical. All in which the camera commenced in recording.

I have minor cuts in my right temple, right cheek, right side of my forehead, a fractured nose with a minor laceration, swole right eye, bruise on the left side of my cheek, a minor gash in the middle of my head, swole nose, two knots on the top of my head, a stiff crook in my neck, back pain and what I believe to be a mild concussion due to the fact that I have had three migraine headaches a day that last two hours or better and I become dizzy every time I stand to my feet. The medical PA refuse to document these medical issues and give proper treatment.

After the physical altercation Cert Officer CO I White and CO I Clavere Williams return to Isolation unit in E-4 (11) and joked about how they beat Pack and I. At this moment Pack and I have requested to speak with mental health because prior to this event we both spoke to our mental health counselors about this on going harassment generally and individually. F-4 dormitory isn’t the only dorm being harassed and mistreated by the maladministration at G.S.P., its the entire building where they are housing close security inmates. This building is part of a cycle that keeps the Tier programming generating. Right now, on lockdown for the incident occurred in F-4 is Jordan Pack, Willie Coe, Eugene Leslie, Kevious Jackson, Jersey and I, LaDarius Colbert. We are all awaiting our tier preliminary hearing which will determine if we remain on Tier I or be placed on Tier II.

Pack and I have been charged with planning/conspiring/encouraging a disturbance/strike C02A and failure to follow instruction C15. Concerning our comrades their charges and condition are unknown at this time. The question is why aren’t we charged with assault on officer with or without injury and/or else of force? None of the physical conflict was documented even with the Warden Stanley Williams and Deputy Warden of Security Trevoza Bobbit being present at the assault. This assault/resistance was an event that derived from months of harassment verbally, physically, sexually and mentally. Many of our witnesses will remain in silence due to their fear of losing their job and/or privilege being population.

Today is November 15th 2015 and I am still having headaches and dizziness occurring peridically resulting from the brutal assault inflicted upon me Nov 13th 2015 in F-4 dormitory and in the F-building stairway. This event will expose this maladministration and its officers in violation of its own policy and standard operation procedeural code (s.o.p.) Being that Pack and I were never hostile toward the officers which can be seen on camera from the recording in f-4 dormitory. Out of the six, Jackson, Pack and I were the only three assaulted. The other three were snatched up because they were exercising their first amendment expressing to the warden how wrong th officers were for instigating this fight. Our resistance will not end now because the maltreatment has not ceased. In all righteous endeavors we will prevail in our struggle for the power to the people!!!
LaDarius Colbert